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Credit Report

How to Order
1. Find a company profile that you want to verify

1) To verify EC21 member's credit informaton:

You can find the ‘Order Credit Report’ button on the company profile, selling/buying leads, sending inquiry pages as below.

[Company Profile] [Selling Leads & Buying Leads Page]

2) To verify non member’s credit information

You can search by a company name if it’s on our company list.
[Search by Company]
Still can’t find? Please visit 'Home > Services > Premium Services > Credit Report' and fill out the order form with new information.

2. Select a report type which includes credit information you need.

3.   Fill out the order form with the company information that you want to verify, and enter your email address to receive a credit report.

4. Confirm your order derails, and select a payment option.

5. Credit Report will be delivered to your email address within 2~7 business days following the receipt of your payment.

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